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Bumi Data Mining is the exclusive partner of VROC: a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platfom as a Service (PaaS) Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) platform, specifically designed and built for Industrial Big Data. VROC is built to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and used by your existing team to quickly build, train, and maintain models of your asset without programming or coding experience.

Global Port Operator

Global Port Operator
  • Excessive maintenance was performed to increase reliability of ageing equipment, resulting in higher maintenance costs and a large spare parts inventory maintenance
  • VROC predicts failures allowing maintenance to be planned and performed to avoid unplanned downtime
  • Maintenance costs target savings of 20%
  • Spares inventory target saving reduction of 50%
  • VROC Optimize able to inform strategic asset management decisions
  • 50% spares inventory savings
  • 20% maintenance savings