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Bumi Data Mining is the exclusive partner of VROC: a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platfom as a Service (PaaS) Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) platform, specifically designed and built for Industrial Big Data. VROC is built to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and used by your existing team to quickly build, train, and maintain models of your asset without programming or coding experience.

Global Mineral Processing Refinery

Global Mineral Processing Refinery
  • Premature filter clogging, resulting in costly and frequent shutdowns for past 20 yearrs
  •  VROC ingested 12 months of process and equipment data – 44 billion data points
  • VROC identified the root causes of the issue which included equipment and processes in other areas of the plant.
  • VROC able to predict filter failures allowing operators to take steps to avoid them completely in future
  •  USD1.2 MILLION savings annually
  • 1,7000 sensors