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Bumi Data Mining is the exclusive partner of VROC: a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platfom as a Service (PaaS) Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) platform, specifically designed and built for Industrial Big Data. VROC is built to seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure and used by your existing team to quickly build, train, and maintain models of your asset without programming or coding experience.

AI Identified Sand Events from Subsea Wells

AI Identified Sand Events from Subsea Wells
  • Complex interactions between subsea wells and topside processing causing unpredictable sand events
  • Engineers unsure of the risk factors causing sand events, or how much sand was entering topside vessels
  • VROC AI processed historical data to learn the leading indicators for sand events and the expected sand volume
  • Future sand events can be reduced by identifying the risk factors and likelihood of them occurring
  • Sand jetting of vessels can be optimized by knowing how much sand has entered topside vessels
  • USD1 MILLION maintenance savings per year
  • 600 extra tanker exports per year